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Andrew Wellat asked How should I power a 100 watt Light Bulb in the woods?

I want use a light for around 12 hours a day, but have no access to electricity. I don't want to use a generator, is there a way that I could use a battery and only have to charge it every week or so

And got the following answer:

If you can afford the LED lights that will equal the 100 watts I would go that way. They draw a lot less power per lumen than an incandescent bulb. don't overlook the good old coleman lantern. They make a model that runs on gasoline or white gas and your cost to operate would be pretty cheap, maybe a few bucks a day. They throw off pretty good light. If you buy used ones you probably will only need mantles to get them going, but test em before you buy. some have worn out pressure pumps. hmm 12 hours a day in the woods, no generator. Whatcha making out there? 🙂

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