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RyCon asked Can you solve the problem with my headlights?

I installed some Spyder CCFL Halo Headlights in my F-150 (see link below) about 9 months ago. In the past month or so I noticed the inside halo on the driver side wasn't nearly as bright and often times wouldn't even turn on. About a week ago the low beam headlight stopped working on the driver side as well so I bought new, brighter bulbs and replaced both. After installing the new bulbs both halos on my driver side went out. So now I have no halos on my driver side but the low beam, high beam and turn signals all work. I know the CCFL halos have a 12V inverter that I mounted and I was just curious if this sounds like maybe a simple fix by replacing the inverter or could it be something more difficult. Here is the link to the headlights for reference: http://www.spyderauto.com/product.php?id=PRO-YD-FF15004-CCFL-G2-BK&t=Ford-F150-04-08-Version-2-CCFL-LED-Replaceable-LEDs-Projector-Headlights-Black

And got the following answer:

It could be a blown fuse

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