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eric s asked What do you think about diesel/electeric cars like a train?

You could have a small diesel running a inverter at 220 volts to run Electric motors kind of like a train it would work i think mite be costly throw but if they made them the cost would go down

And got the following answer:

Excellent superb idea. Actually the cost would be cheaper than conventional cars and even cheaper than hybrids. That is what the Chevy Volt was supposed to be, but instead of going the route you are proposing, they put super expensive batteries in it making too expensive for the average consumer. In their own website, they claim that when the battery is depleted after the first 40 miles, the engine will kick on thus turning the generator to create the electricity to charge the batteries AND keep the car cruising down the highway and still get 50 MPG. Since the battery weighs over 600 pounds, why not toss out the battery and run the engine/generator full time? It would get more than 50 MPG and the environmental impact from producing the battery would be less.

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