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Eric asked How easy is it to convert a home pc to DC power supply?

Hi all, I am working on a mobile project for in car communication, Is there a easy way to convert a Personal computer from AC to 12-14v DC current? Need to do it without external resources so I guess I need to modify or change the power supply but not sure if there is solutions already available for doing this.etc

And got the following answer:

PCs typically need +5V, +12V, +3.3V and -12V The easiest way of doing this is with an inverter that will convert 12V AC to 120 or 240V AC. You can then use your existing PC power supply. The inverter isn't that efficient but they are readily available. DC to DC converters are possible. This chops the AC at high frequency (from 20KHz to 200KHz), runs through a transformer and then converts back to DC. 4 of these each producing the different output voltages above would do the trick. You can't modify an existing PC power supply to do this.

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