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dwara asked Is it possible to start a motor with grid and then switch it to solar inverter?

I am planning to built a solar power plant for my 5HP 3 phase induction motor (415V, 7.9A) without using batteries. 1. So how much capacity of panels do I require to build it? 2. Some says starting current is high so you must install 12-13KW power plant. So in-order to decrease the project value, Can I start the motor using grid and after certain time period (say hardly 30sec) changing it to solar inverter? 3. If so, is there any equipment available in the market which changes automatically to grid after few sec? 4. Is there any alternative solution?

And got the following answer:

This is a perfect case for grid-tied solar. Any grid-tied inverter does exactly what you want. It will use all the power it can from your solar array ("power plant"), and if it needs more, will draw exactly what it needs from the grid. As a bonus, if your solar is generating more than you use, you'll build up credit on your electric meter in most cases, that can be drawn down later when needed.

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