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John asked Do cigarette lighter DC-to-AC power inverters draw/produce their maximum current all the time?

For example, if a 400-watt power inverter is plugged into the cigarette lighter and turned on, is it always drawing the maximum current from the car's electrical system, regardless of what's plugged into it? (In other words, it really wouldn't matter if if a 3-watt or 300-watt device is plugged into it, because it's always running at it's full output.) Thanks!

And got the following answer:

As stated before, NO. Some older inverters that used transformers and switching would draw a huge idle current. However, the modern light weight units draw very little idle current. They will draw current from the battery side proportional to the attached load. 400 Watts is Very hard on your battery if engine not running. No problem if you are using it to charge a cell phone or other small load device.

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