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Francisco R asked can I run an inverter with a 12v 4amp hour lead acid battery?

Hello, I'm planning on buying a Cobra CPI 480 400 watt power inverter to run an gaming system and a small 22 inch tv off of. Since I have a 12 volt 4 amp hour lead acid battery laying around, I was wondering it I could use it with the inverter meanwhile since I'm on a budget here. I'm choosing this 400 watt inverter because it's within my price range and 400 watts is more than enough for what I'm planning to use it on. Please help! also what is the difference from a lead acid and a deep cycle battery? Thanks in advance!

And got the following answer:

If the battery and inverter are 100% efficient, they will run for 48 watt hours/400 watt= .12 hours at 400 watts. The battery is way to small to be worthwhile.

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