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BLIND SMILE DOG asked Will the heat transfer from an inverter (full wave bridge rectifier) under load power a Stirling engine?

The premise is that a 2.5kw wind generator is linked via the inverter to heat transfer casing of a 2hp stirling engine with the gas medium being alcohol. Is this feasible given the amounts of heat produced and required? Thank you so very much for any insights or help you can offer.

And got the following answer:

If you are talking about waste heat from the inverter, the answer is no. An inverter should be 90 to 95% efficient. That makes the waste heat from a 2.5kw inverter no more than 250 watts. That is about 1/3Hp, not much input for a 2Hp engine. In addition, the inverter should operate at a maximum temperature of about 60C. The engine probably needs a much higher temperature. If you are talking about using the entire electrical output from the inverter to heat the engine, you can probably get a heating element that will produce 2.5kw at 250C or so. That would probably run the engine, but the output wouldn't be anywhere near 2Hp.

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