700 watt inverter

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Chuck S asked I have a 400 watt inverter that will power a 100 watt incandesant bulb but will not power a 23 watt compact?

fluorescent bulb at the end of a 50 foot 12 gauge extension cord. A 700 watt inverter will. An old, out of date 300 watt inverter used to work before it died. Why?

And got the following answer:

Without specifics on the operational characteristics of your 400 watt inverter my answer may be speculative. The CFL starting circuit may be drawing a starting current pulse that the inverter sees as a fault and thus will not supply the necessary starting current. A second consideration is the power factor levels (non watts or VAR load) the CFL operates at. Most CFL operate at greater than 0.5 power factor but below 0.9. If your 400 watt converter can not supply loads with a power factor less than 0.9, this may also be the problem. Hope this helps, Newton1Law

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