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Suzie asked is there a12V DC to AC inverter that can power a microwave?

The ones that go in your car. I want it to power a microwave not like a super powerful one but just an older maybe 600 to 800 watt microwave. I have found ac inverters that will power 400 watt continuously and 100 high peak surges... what does this mean? how long will the high peak last? Also can this harm my car, and in which ways? break my cigarette lighter or worse?

And got the following answer:

Here's a list of them: http://www.nextag.com/800-watt-ac-dc-power-inverter/search-html Here's a few microwaves suitable for use in a vehicle: http://www.dmartstores.com/komipo12vmio.html?productid=komipo12vmio&channelid=FROOG http://www.manufacturersclearance.com/wavebox-wbp-tp-660co.html?productid=wavebox-wbp-tp-660co&channelid=FROOG

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