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. asked If 10 12V car (1000amp) car batteries were connected together in series how much electric would be made?

I am trying to figure the best way to power my house solely using car batteries. How could I do this? I need 14 hours of battery life drawing 8000W at any one given time but only drawing about 2000W for the most part. How would you use car batteries to accomplish this? Solar panels will recharge these batteries during the day.

And got the following answer:

This is a huge amount of power to generate from batteries. Do not connect them in series, connect them in series/parallel to match the DC requriements of the inverter that converts DC to 120 VAC. Say you need 2000 watts average with peaks of 8000W. You need a 10 kW inverter to handle that. 8000 watts at 12 volts is 670 amps. With losses, that is at least 1000 amps. You would probably want a 48 volt inverter, so the batteries are configured in series parallel to get 48 volts at 250 amps. A large marine sealed lead acid battery is good for 100 amp-hours. Cost is about $300. You need 1000 amps for 14 hours, 14000 amp hours, or 140 batteries. This is clearly not practical, at 140 batteries for a cost of $42000, plus the inverter and wiring. You are looking at $60000. You should scale back your requirements. Then look at the size and cost of the solar panel to charge these, and you have another $50000 PS, do NOT use auto batteries indoors, they emit dangerous fumes. Use only sealed marine lead acid batteries. .

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