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Gonzo asked If I plan on moving to another country what should I take with me? How do I ship a lot of things over?

Obviously the bare necessities like clothes, razor, labtop (if I get one). Where do I find a AC converter to whatever power supply Europeans use?Like an American toaster probably doesn't use the same amount of voltage or current that they use so it would probably overload or burn out. If I have books, movies, furniture and lots of personal stuff does this often get lost or stolen when shipped overseas? Is there a way they send it over maybe on a cargo plane? What company would transport this stuff and how would I go about contacting them and having my stuff shipped?

And got the following answer:

Just do a websearch and enter "international movers"...there are many. But, I think you wil find it costs so much, that unless your company is paying for the move, you will want to just take personal stuff and buy houseold things there. Check someplace like Radio Shack for converters. Hope you hear from people who have done this so you get some really good info. I moved to Mexico and brought darn little. i know people who spent more than their furniture was worth to move it...makes no sense.

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