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Orange Blossom asked what type of appliances do you use for a power converter?

and will a plug adapter converter do the same? things i plan on bringing when i move out of the u.s.: hair irons, lamp, electric mixer, labtop, printer, alarm clock, speakers and other miscellaneous things but would i need to purchase a power converter for these items or will an adapter plug work just as well? i would like to avoid repurchasing the same items in the country that i am moving to so please dont leave that as a suggestion unless for certain items it is best that i do so.

And got the following answer:

Read the label. If the voltage where you are going is outside the range on the label, you need a converter transformer. If it is in range, you just need a plug adapter. For the converter, you need one with a wattage capacity a bit more than the appliance it will power. Some heat only 120V appliances and incandescent lamps can work with a solit state converter. As much as you don't want to hear it, you really should evaluate what you can easily use over there, or would be hard to get, vs things you can do without, or reasonably get replacements where you are going. If it is an AC powered LED clock, you may be bitten by the 50Hz power, which would slow down the clock.

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