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gbaglietto asked How many mA do I need?

I am trying to power a device that used to run on 4 AA batteries (6V), with a 6V AC/DC wall transformer... How many mA does the transformer need to support the device? Any help on this topic is very appreciated!

And got the following answer:

Knowing just the voltage and size of the batteries won't tell you how much current the device actually needs. For example, if your 6-volt device draws lots of current, then the batteries will go flat very quickly. If the device draws very little current, then the batteries will last a long time. One way to determine the amount of current you need is to look at the device specifications. Sometimes ithe current or power rating is printed on the plastic case of the device near the battery compartment or power socket. Sometimes the operator's manual will tell you the current rating in the "specifications" table. If the rating is in watts, then divide the watts by 6 (the voltage) to get the current. Example: 3 watts divided by 6 volts = .5 amps, or 500 milliamps.

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