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elieella asked where can I buy materials for resin jewelry making here in the Philippines?

Guys pls. help, what kind of resin should I use to make a resin jewelry, And where can I buy them here in the Philippines? Also their accessories & tools needed for the project. Please I need your help. Thanks alot in advance.

And got the following answer:

"Resin" --even just for "jewelry making"-- is a fairly large topic. There isn't just one kind of resin, and one way to use it, for example...there are many. You can though buy various kinds and brands of clear craft resin at craft stores, hobby stores, art supply stores, and some even at hardware and Home Depot-type stores, in general, but each place may have only a few brands. I'd recommend you learn which type will work for what you have in mind before purchasing though, and perhaps the brand name(s). Check out some of my previous answers here in these questions to get started on understanding more about "resins":;_ylt=AqRoGzjtN95Is41Kmm_SHHfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091011042033AAytK0x and maybe: Then for more info/details/lessons/supplies/etc re using resins, check out this page at my site: HTH, Diane B.

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