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Best S asked How many black lights are needed to do a decent black light puppet show and what kind is needed?

and is there any such thing as a black light spot light? or small black lights that run off batteries

And got the following answer:

I found some small CFL's at Lowe's that are great. The BLUE bulbs are incredible, they are like a black light on steroids. Put them in a small clamp lamp, and you can aim the light. There are small battery operated black lights, for example night fishing lights, but the CFL's are only about six bucks each. You can easily operate the CFL's on an inverter and battery, one rated 100 watts or so will do, it will run you about 30 bucks. That will also require a car battery. Hand black lights with their own battery are not likely powerful enough for even a small stage unless they are very expensive ones.

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