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Abby K asked The light on my computer keeps screen keeps turning off?!?

I have a laptop and the light behind the screen keeps turning off so I can't see anything. I hope that makes sense? I have to have a lamp aimed at the screen to illuminate everything. How can I fix this or what cause it to happen?

And got the following answer:

1. Check the BIOS setting for an option that automatically reduces the brightness of your screen depending on the ambient light, if option exists then turn it off. I have a Dell laptop that has this option and I'm sure some other manufacturers may also have this option. 2. On my laptop the "FN+ Up/Down" arrows also control the screen brightness, check the symbols on your keyboard look for anything that resembles the sun this key will control your brightness possibley in combination with the FN key. 3. If this is still happening when you have your power adapter plugged into your laptop and after having performed all the above checks then it's a likely a problem with the FL inverter (powers you display). Before paying money to have it repaired go the manufacturers support site and see if there is a new BIOS update available to fix the issue. Hope this is helpful.

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