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bbev46060 asked What size phillips screwdriver do I need?

I need a phillips screwdriver to change a watch battery. I have a "precision set" that has a size #1 and #0 but the #0 one is still too big. The screws are just over a millimeter in diameter so I need something smaller. My set has a 1.4 mm standard screwdriver but I can't find anything that small in a phillips. Can anyone help? Can anyone recommend a good high-quality screwdriver set for repairing watches and/or eyeglasses? Thanks!

And got the following answer:

What you need is 'jewelers tools'. However, that's an expensive proposition. Instead, go to a hobby/crafts/woodworking shop. They sell sets of small tools for hobbiests. They're about the same size as jewelers tools, but a lot less money. Just go and explain what you intend to use these tools for, and you'll get just what you need. Good Luck.

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