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☽⚡✭Aer✬⚡☾ asked Is there any way to control the temperature in an aquarium without controlling the house temperature?

I'm raising axolotls and they need at least water below 70 degrees F. Is there anything that can modify the temperature in the aquarium's water without having to change the house temperature! Please help! Where is an easy place to get a quality one quick? BTW. this is for 2 ten gallon tanks.

And got the following answer: If you cannot maintain a temperature at or below 70° degree then you need to buy an aquarium Water Chiller for a 10 gallon tank. Just Google; Aquarium Water Chiller 10 gallon. Nova Tec Products; CoolWorks Microchiller MicroChiller for Nano-Reef Tanks or Small Aquariums The MicroChiller provides a cooling solution for small aquariums that require cooler temperatures. The MicroChiller not only solves the cooling problem inherent in small aquariums applications. The MicroChiller uses solid-state heat pump technology, so there is no messy freon leaks or compressors that make irritating noises, which sets it apart from conventional chillers. Because the MicroChiller has so few moving parts, when used properly, it will provide trouble-free operation for many years. This compact chiller can chill bring down the temperature in a 10 gallon aquarium up to 4-6 degrees. Dimensions (L x W x H): 5" x 5" x 10" CW1131 CoolWorks Microchiller $176.99 CW1113 CoolWorks Proportional Temperature Controller (Iceprobe) $69.490" You can download, post on the Internet (Facebook), and Publish any of content and images. No permission is needed as long as it states that is the source of the content and images. Enjoy, Philip Vena Founder of We Protect Axolotls 4531 Cornell Avenue Downers Grove, IL 60515-2609 USA (Near West Side of Chicago) Phone: 1-630-390-7070 email: Axolotl Forum:

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