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. asked How many watts does a cigarette lighter output?

I have this inverter that is rated for 300w. I wanted to power something that is needs 135w at the most and a laptop that needs 65w. Can I just plug the inverter into the socket and im all good? I heard that the socket for the cigarette lighter only outputs 150w. I dont know how to connect it to the battery and still use the items in my car. Thanks

And got the following answer:

The socket is (almost always) on a 10A fuse, which at 12V gives 120W. Usually higher power inverters require you wire them directly to the battery with their own fuse as they draw too much current to just be plugged in. If your battery is under the bonnet (most cars) then if you look behind your dash, you'll find various cables and wiring going through the bulkhead and into the engine compartment, just use the grommet they are passing through to feed through the feed wires for the inverter. Depending on the car, depends on how easy this will be, and you may need to get an auto electrician to do the work for you.

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