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Justin asked Need quick answer for hair dryer and power inverter question!?

My GF is doing a fashion shoot for her work and theyre going to be in a remote location with no access to power, theyre shooting in i think 3 different loctions. I suggested maybe hooking up a power inverter for the hair dryer and curling iron, and straightener. Not to be used all three at the same time i know! Would a Power Bright 2300-Watt Power Inverter do the trick? I know its enough power but Im worried that it will kill her little battery in her 2007 nissan versa (as the hairdryer is rated at 1875w and is the biggest pull in power) BUT if she only uses it while the car is running will she be able to get away with it? Please respond!

And got the following answer:

1875 watts @ 120 V = 15.65A - your critical number. The Nissan Versa alternator is rated at a nominal 90A. @ 12V, or 1080 watts. This is what is going to happen: When the hair dryer is plugged in, the system will discharge the battery to supplement the alternator - and depending on how the system is configured, that draw will be around 70A or so, considering inverter losses. Easily than within the range of even a tiny rice-burner battery for short periods, about 5 minutes or so at a time. a) She will not be running the dryer more than a few minutes at a time, correct? b) She will not be running more than about 1000 watts or so continuously in any case, correct? c) She intends to keep the engine running for the entirety of the appliance use, correct? d) She will keep a good set of jumper cables with her also, correct? I expect it will work out just fine if the inverter is rated as you state, and if the connection to the car battery is also properly rated. Please make sure you get an inverter with an auto-shut-off feature, and also that your GF runs the engine for at least 20 minutes after the inverter load is dropped.

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