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amber asked How to power a laptop using a deep cycle marine battery?

My boyfriend and I are going camping in the next few days and he told me tonight he wants to be able to use the laptop to watch movies. He's never been camping before so I want to keep him entertained. I have a deep cycle marine battery and I'm wondering how I could power my laptop with it? I need an inexpensive way. I don't care if it doesn't last for 50 hours. I just need to be able to watch a movie or two a night. My laptop requires a power source because the battery is pretty run down. Thanks 🙂

And got the following answer:

Most efficient would be if you could get an automobile power adapter for the computer. That will be able to attach to 12V DC directly. It will be pretty efficient and should be pretty cheap even if you have to hunt one down. If you can't get one, an alternative is to get a battery powered inverter and then you can plug your regular wall power supply into it. It might be more expensive and won't be as efficient, but you can use other things on it besides the laptop. If you do that, make sure the inverter's power rating is higher than the power rating on the laptop power supply. with to attach to the battery. That one can be used with the automotive power supply if you can find one of those instead.

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