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Dumbasswithawrench asked I want to buy a car battery charger for my ice cream truck. Do you know how long the charge takes?

I bought an inverter for the chest freezer in my ice cream truck. The battery didn't stay charged more than 4 hours. I need to buy a car battery charger and another battery to keep it charged up. I was looking at a 2/6/10 amp charger. About how long would it take to charge one battery? I want a quick cheap one.

And got the following answer:

an automotive cranking battery won't last 6 months in a deepcycle application - get the biggest heaviest deep cycle batteries you can afford. you want to charge your batteries at a starting current that is no greater than 25% of the RC (reserve capacity) rating, or 10% of the AH (amp-hour) rating of the battery. get a charger that automatically shifts into "float charge" or "maintain mode" when it's finished charging. this is *not* the same as a "trickle charge".

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