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Bishop Gabriel Magundwane asked What is the best low power alternative for TV set, to use as screen for dvd player, with a 30watt solar panel?

Due to erratic power cuts in my area I want to make up by using a 30watt solar panel. My decoder is 30watt but my TV is 70W. I need something small. I don't have problem with sound. Just picture.

And got the following answer:

Hey ?, Classics is on the right track, but his numbers are big for what you want to do. The real shortcoming in your plan is trying to run electronics on solar directly. For that, you really do need a battery and inverter, or a battery and a DC powered TV, like you might put in the car or camper. If it were me, I would go simpler. A 12 volt deep cycle battery, like you might use to run a marine electric trolling motor can run a 500 watt inverter, with a small TV and decoder plugged in for several hours. Now, if you want to go solar, you can get a small solar panel, maybe 30 or 40 watts, and connect it to the battery. What might be easier is just using an automotive battery charger to recharge the battery when the power is on, then the battery will be available for when the power is off. An inverter with those two things plugged in might be using 5 to 7 amps when they are running. A deep cycle marine battery might hold from 50 to 80 amp hours. A 70 amp hour would theoretically run your setup for 10 hours, but in actual practice, you can only get to about 2/3s of the battery before the inverter shuts off, so maybe 7 hours. A 500 watt inverter might cost $50 - $60 at a truck stop, auto parts store or RV supply place. The battery, you might have one hanging around, or you can buy them for $60 or $70. You can always add the panel later. If you decide to go with a panel, make sure it does not have over about 40 watts, and it needs to have a diode installed in the junction box on the back. If there is no diode, or the wattage is over 40, you'll need a charge controller. The controller does 2 things, keeps the battery from overcharging in the daytime, and keeps the battery from back feeding the panel at night. A diode keeps the electricity from flowing backwards, and if you panel is less than 40 watts, it shouldn't peak out at any more than 2.5 amps. It's almost impossible to overcharge a battery of 50 or more amp hours with that amount of current. If you want to understand this better, get a copy of Richard Perez's book at the library and read the chapters on lead acid batteries. If you are really serious about solar, get a sub to Home Power Magazine. We did 13 years ago, now our home is completely powered by the wind and sun, and we use the utilitiy as our backup. Solar does work, it has worked at our place for 11 years now. Take care, Rudydoo

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