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SCOTT asked How long will my batteries run LED lights?

I am looking for advice. I am a second year bowfisher. I have my boat currently set up with a 8500 watt generator, running 8-500 watt halogen work lights and two fans. I have tried three different configurations to quiet the generator noise and have succeeded to a degree. I have now resigned my self to the fact that the Silent LED lights are the best way to kill the noise. I am looking for advice on how many lights and at what wattage would get me the same or better lighting, as well as how long I could run the lights with deep cycle marine batteries 1,2,or 3 wired in series? Thanks for any tips.

And got the following answer:

Obtain 8 pieces this LED 500W bulb.... Can you afford to buy them ? It did not tell the current rate from its website. From my estimation,each bulb uses about 4A at 12V. Connect two in series can be used on 24V . Suppose battery pack is 120AH 24V. it can power eight LED bulbs in less than 7.5 hours.

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