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wing200p asked 5V adapter plug into a 12v Car power charger inverter? Is it ok?

Hi Recently, I just purchased a Belkin Aircast bluetooth music receiver. I'm trying to use it on my Prius so I bought a Car charger inverter and I know it's using 12v 500ma for most of car. The power adapter that comes with the Belkins says 5v 180ma, Can I still plug it into this car inverter without hurting the receiver? Belkin Music receiver Here's the Power inverter

And got the following answer:

You car puts out 12-14v at up to 10-20amps to your dc socket. If your inverter is putting out 12v, it's not an inverter, just a regulator. At any rate, plugging 12v into a 5v device will fry it. What you need to do is get a DC/AC inverter, 12v DC to 120v AC, and plug the wall adapter for your belkin into that. Because the inverter will have a wall plug on it, belkin adapter will covert 120v to 5v, just like in your house. It's inefficient, but the cheapest and easiest way.

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