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Alexander asked Can a car battery power my entertaiment system?

Well I was planning on having a movie night at the park with my movie projector and speakers. I don't have the money to buy or rent a generator but is I possible for a car battery to power all my stuff for a long time. I was thinking of connecting a fully charged battery by itself (not connected to the car) to a power inverter with outlets. Would that power my equipment for a good set of hours or just kill the battery? Is there anyway to have sufficient power for the movie projector and speakers for a couple hours without a car battery not connected to a car

And got the following answer:

Hey Alexander, it's a bit hard to nail down without knowing how much power your projector uses. We have a Vector brand 750 watt inverter, the kind you can buy at an autoparts store or Home Depot for around $69.95 or so. I have personally used it to run our entertainment system here for a few hours on a car battery. Our system has a Sony 30 inch flat screen TV, DVD player, Onkyo receiver and Yamaha speakers. My truck battery can run it for around 2 hours before the battery voltage falls to the point that the inverter shuts off. After that, the truck doesn't have enough battery power to start itself back up. If your projector can run on that size inverter, than you'll probably have similar results. You could add another battery in parallel to the first one to double the duration time, or use a marine or camper deep cycle battery instead, they generally run in the 80 to 100 amp hour capacity, more than a car battery. The point is it would be hard to nail down, and much easier to simply try it at home once. Don't worry about the falling battery voltage not delivering proper power to your electronics, the inverter compensates for this until it can't anymore, then it shuts down. And as long as you don't need that battery to start the car back up, no problem, you can charge it back up at home later. Another option is to bring a set of jumper cables, and after an hour or so of viewing, take an intermission, shut off the inverter, start the car, and connect the cables from the car to the battery running the equipment. It won't charge it all the way back up in 10 minutes, but batteries charge fastest at first, then taper off, so you might bring it from say 50% state of charge back up to 80% in 10 minutes with the car alternator running. It sounds like fun, sitting in the park, in the quiet with the movie on. I once met a man who has a utility trailer covered with solar panels, charging about 12 golf cart batteries that run a large 4000 watt inverter that he rents to bands to run their amps for concerts in the park. They would rather not hear a generator running near the music, even a good Honda one, when they could have silence. Take care, Rudydoo

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