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♜==the key28==♜ Cena can do STF asked Need help on the functions of compact drills and nuts? should be easy if you are a handyman?

1. Can compact drill that are sold at Home Depot drill nails and screws into wood? 2. what are "nuts" for? is it for screws or for bolts or for what? thx!! and what do you need to secure nuts?

And got the following answer:

yes, but a better drill and price can be had at sears, craftsman. Nuts, screw onto threaded bolts as keepers for washers. A second nut may be threaded on behind the first and snugged up to it, forming a "lock". With a channelled, u-shaped bar that is heavy guage, sturdy metal called "unistrut" in the builders trade, commonly available in ten and twenty feet long "sticks", and 3/8-inch or 5/8 inch diameter "allthread" rods, nuts and washers, many strong and sturdy hangers can be formed for many different kinds of projects and structures. (The length of the unistrut is pre-punched with holes and slots to put the allthread through, and with washers and bolts to adjust the spacing of the unistruts along the length of the allthread. Both the unistrut and allthread are easily cut to size with an anglegrinder/abrasive wheel combo, or a chopsaw with 10" abrasive blade.

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