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dutchbunny83 asked Corded Drill: What's the difference between a keyless chuck and a regular chuck?

My husband wants a corded drill for Christmas even though we have a cordless one, so he doesn't need to deal with battery when assembling shed. I'm only looking to spend like $30 on it since it will barely be used In shopping I keep seeing keyless chuck, what does this mean and do I want that? THANKS!

And got the following answer:

The difference is that the keyless does not use key to tighten the chuck, but it cannot be tightened quite as tight as the keyed chuck. Both have their advantages and disadvatages. If he is going to be using it primarily as a wrench or driver, the keyless would probably be adequate because the adapters will have hexagonal shanks and won't slip like a round shank. I hope this helps. I tried not to talk over your head.

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