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Michelle asked What kind of handheld drill do I need to drill through 20 gauge sterling silver sheet metal?

I am trying to make a pendant necklace. I am looking to spend under $50 on a handheld drill or drill bits. Can I just use the cordless screwdriver/drill I have at home with a special bit? If so...what kind of bit? Thank you for your help!

And got the following answer:

While I would still recommend a drill press or a flexible shaft for precision and ease of drilling, you should be able to do it with a dremel. You could test your current drill on a scrap of copper or another non ferrous metal to see if it would would work before you invest in a dremel. As for drill bits--make sure whatever you get is good for metal (all-purpose is ideal). You can get a set of tiny bits from most hobby stores for around $20, or, depending on your local hardware store (ACE is good) you can get bits down to a 59 in wire gauge sizes individually (they're usually around a buck or two apiece). Some rough approximates of bit sizes to wire sizes: #56--16 gauge wire #59--18 gauge wire #68--20 gauge wire #77--24 gauge wire (smaller bits break easily, so be careful!)

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