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Ashley asked What is the best tool brand to buy?

My husband has been wanting a tool kit to work around the house with - by tool kit I mean including a power drill, all the screw drivers, ect. The thing is, I know nothing about tools. What would you all recommend for around the house performance?

And got the following answer:

For the professional who uses tools every day the BEST are a must as they take a beating. For the average homeowner who will sporadically perform odd jobs around the house, it won't make a great deal of difference. Any of the big name brands are fine including the Craftsman line from Sears. The only other consideration is whether you want a cordless or electric plug in drill. Plug ins are more powerful, battery more convenient. Go to any hardware store or major home center and ask for their advice. I assure you they will ask you one thing first: How often will you be using the tools? After this, price will be the criteria.

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