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Woodstock asked why does my drill smells funny?

when I run my 18volt Dewalt drill it gives off a burning smell. I was told it is the brushes. Is this something I can fix myself.

And got the following answer:

if you smell something burning it is the motor overheating....the brushes never cause no smell themselves but they are responsible for most all problems that happen to your drill motor ....the brushes wear down as they get used ...this causes them to lose their ability to make a good connection to the armature communtator...this cause the brushes to arc more than normal overheating the armature and causing it to burn can replace the brushes they are cheap and are easy to get at any power tool repair center...Dewalt is Black and decker and most craftsman tools are either black and decker or skill tools with the craftsman name put on them as craftsman doesnt make power has someone else make them and put craftsman's name on them..

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