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Jennifer M asked What kind of electric drill should I buy?

My husband mentioned that he wants an electric drill and I want to surprise him with one for his birthday, but I have no knowledge about tools. I know he has a lot of Craftsman tools, are those better or not as good as DeWalt? Is there something better than both of those? Also, do I want a 3/8 or 1/2 or something altogether different? I am lost. He works on cars a lot, and also does our home repairs, so those are mainly what this drill would be used for. Thank you in advance.

And got the following answer:

I have both and I think I lean more towards the DeWalt for durability and functions. I would recommend a 1/2" variable speed, reversible drill. Half inch will give you the capability to use a far larger selection of drill bits, variable speeds will give you the capacity to use your drill for a wider variety of projects, and a reversible drill for car guys is a must, especially good for using easy outs to remove broken bolts. GOOD LUCK AND I'M SURE HE WILL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. (May I suggest a nice set of drill bits to complete the ensemble!)

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