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kukinney26 asked Can one grow plants with LED christmas lights?

Im aware LEDs can grow plants, but is it possible to grow plants using a much cheaper product like christmas light vs. an LED grow light? What are your thoughts? It makes sense that it would be possible but other opinions are great also.

And got the following answer:

It would be possible if they accomplished two things - sufficiently intense light light in the right spectrum for growth As Christmas lights aren't designed for plant growth, it's likely that they won't emit light with the right wavelengths to enable growth. Plants only make use of certain types of light, and the rest of it is somewhat wasted, so I'd be concerned that you could be wasting your electricity on producing light that they mostly won't use - there's the chance that they might of course. If the bulbs are interchangeable, then perhaps you could swap them out for other LED bulbs that would be appropriate, so that you could save money over buying a complete kit? Search around on the net for information on LED grow bulbs, which light spectrum is needed - it changes at different parts of a plant's growth, such as inducing flowers, or just standard growth. I found this kit from searching, and it has a little information Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

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