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ttocs asked What type of power drill should I get for around the house stuff?

My fiance and I just bought our first house after renting for a year. I have no tools besides screwdrivers, hammers, nails, etc. and I was looking to get a power drill. I know nothing about drills, only what they do. I want to be able to drill into cement as well as around the house stuff like drilling holes into the wall for pictures. I'm sure this is an easy question but I'm just looking to see what you guys recommend, what I should avoid, etc. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

I used to work in the field as a construction electrician so I got to use most all of the major drill brands. I would stay away from Black and Decker - their "Pro" tools are OK but their regular homeowner grade are not as durable as some others. If you are only going to buy one drill, I would recommend the 120 volt DeWalt hammer drill, which you can use for concrete and as a regular drill motor. I picked mine up on sale at Home Depot and have found it works very well for concrete and brick as well as for drilling with spade bits and hole saws in metal or wood. Good balance and torque and easy to handle. I had a Bosch years ago and they are also quite a good small hammer drill. I have found the Makita drills a little low on torque so I would not recommend them either. Frankly, if you plan a lot of jobs around the house -- like minor or major remodelling or lots of shelves, assembling knock-down furniture, drapery hardware, etc --. you might also want to consider getting a second 12 volt rechargeable DeWalt non-hammer drill also. Having a nice lightweight cordless drill handy is one of the most useful tools for any homeowner. If you do that, get a set of the screwdriver tips to fit it as well as a set of various bit sizes. I probably use mine at least once a week for something or other. In fact, a DeWalt cordless drill is what I usually give my friends for a wedding gift! (it beats getting another toaster or fondue dish.)

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