best lithium ion cordless drill

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dickbutkus512001 asked Who is the biggest fanufacturer of all types of Lithium Ion batteries in the world?

I'm looking for a company to invest in that makes the majority of the litium-ion batteries for power tools(cordless drills and such) as well as electronic devices such as lap-tops and cell phones. There must be on major foreign or domestic company that has a large market share.

And got the following answer:

Sony is correct. They actually make the individual cells to manufactures to assm to their specs. Invest in a small inventor who is going to invent a battery that is the next generation and will actually advance the electric car to a feasible alternative.It is the one factor that is stalling the advancement of current electronics. We could have a cell phone as small as a stamp right now but battery technology keeps it at today's size . I have though of the same investment idea and am going with the next basement Bill Gates for battery development. It truly will change the world when we get it.

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