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Raaj asked What power drill and screw driver should I buy for home?

I want to know specifications for power drill and screwdriver combo tool which can be used for basic home use. Example: Fixing a shelf i.e, drill first and then screw. Please let me know. Thanks

And got the following answer:

for around the house i have the ryobi kit with a mini skill saw, jig saw, sander, flash light, drill and vacuume. forgot the kit no. but it was on sale at lowes for a really great price. came with 2 18v batteries and charger and carrying bag as well as blades for both saws and some bits. screw bits as well as some drilling bits. the 18v gives it power and stays charged for a decent amount of time. sound like a sales man i know, but ive had it for bout two years and have had no problems.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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