black and decker 18v cordless drill

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gidge980 asked What is the best way to install composite decking?

I am installing VERANDA composite decking and bought the recommended composite screws. I am finding it extremely difficult to install these screws, even when drilling pilot holes (which I really don't want to do for every hole - this is a large deck). The product info says there is no pre-drilling required, but I'm not finding that to be true. Does anyone have any tips for me to make this a little easier and less time consuming? I'm using a Black and Decker drill/screwdriver.

And got the following answer:

There are many ways to install this type of decking today. But rather than pre-drilling I am going to list several ways that are gaining popularity. But you need to check with your building inspector as just because these ways have been proven to be a success, they must still be written into local building code and passed into law. That is something done about every 5 years. First buy a good Screw/Decking gun if your deck it that big. It will be worth the money. Even for the home novice I use this one myself DeWalt Heavy-Duty 18V Cordless Drywall/Deck Screwdriver Kit You can even rent one. #1 Buy self drilling stainless steel screws. These have a drill bit forged on the tip of every screw. You will need to go to a real lumber yard for these as home centers (Home Depot, Lowes) are behind in technology. The next 2 ways are gaining popularity because there are no screw holes on the top of the boards #2 Buy or rent a a slot cutter and cut a slot in the side of the deck board. Now use a plastic wafer to push into the slot s of 2 adjacent boards and a special screw goes through a hole in the wafer. #3 Rent a pneumatic finished nail gun. Buy some stailless steel finishing nails for this gun. And buy caulking tubes of 3M Marine 5200 Sealant. (No other sealant is approved for this usage) Put a bead of sealant down, put the deck board in place and shoot 2 finish nails into it to hold it in place until the sealant completly cures. (2 to 3 weeks) What you get will be no screws on the top of your deck showing and a deck that of the all the methods is the strongest. The only down side is that once the sealant cured this deck can not be taken apart with out destroying it. -tcw

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