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Flight asked What is the purpose of the brew strength controller on my coffee machine?

So I bought a Mr Coffee machine and I noticed there was an brew strength option on it, either to make it strong or regular. I just wanted to know what difference it made? I mean, if I wanted to increase the strength of the coffee, I could have just added more coffee beans. Or maybe that's the point? Please help!

And got the following answer:

The vast majority of currently made (In China) coffee machines, especially Mr. Coffee, fail miserably in getting the water to the correct temperature for the best tasting coffee. Lucky to hit 170 F. As for the 'strength option' it does nothing more than retard the flow over water through the filter allowing the water to extract more of the chemicals in the coffee grounds. Typically this just over extract the bitter chemicals giving the perception of a 'Stronger' cup of coffee. Bad coffee is bad coffee no matter how long it sets in the water. Few drip machines reach the level of temperature needed to extract the coffee essence correctly. TO attain a STRONGER cup of coffee you need to ADD more coffee grounds to the same amount of water.

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