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Bill asked Can i run 550w PA speakers off a duracell power pack?

The PA speakers i had in mind were the Behringer B215D active speakers, and the battery that i am looking at is the Duracell PowerPack 600. I want to be able to run my two speakers off the battery without power loss through the speakers. i only need the battery to last 30-60 minutes. Any ideas if it will work? I don't want to be tied to a car power inverter as a backup for DJing.

And got the following answer:

Loudspeakers are very inefficient so it's impossible to run them without loss. 500 watts is probably the max power, they are probably only 100 watt speakers. To run 2 speakers (200 watts) at full volume will take about 20 amps from a 12 volt battery so in theory the power pack, which is rated at 28AH, should be able to run the speakers for over an hour. But the only way to know for sure is to try them out. Charge the battery fully, then play music through the speakers until the inverter (that's what the power pack is) runs out. You will get a much longer running time if you can lower the volume. I didn't think to check, so make sure the power pack is rated to deliver more than 200 watts, I would always recommend people get an inverter that is rated to deliver twice the power you need, in this case 4 or 500watts. A lot of cheap inverters can't deliver the rated wattage, they break down if you try and draw the max. rated load.

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