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Elizabeth asked How to transport a rabbit across the USA?

Hello, I am adopting a mini lop bunny this week and I couldn't be more excited! I will be re-locating to San Francisco in September with my boyfriend. I just purchased a SUV, which has air conditioning. However, I realize the rabbits overheat very quickly and that they need to be in a climate controlled environment of about 50-60 degrees F. Other than using frozen water bottles, are there any suggestions on how to transport a rabbit from Maryland to California at a safe temperature? Thank you!

And got the following answer:

You really just need to keep them comfortable. The stress of the trip is probably more if a risk than the heat. A stressed rabbit isn't going to eat as much or drink a lot, so you need to monitor that. A rabbit can be fine in temperatures of about 70F, so that isn't going to be too much of a worry. Any hotel you stay in should be pet friendly and have temperature control. Bring an x-pen or easy to put together cage for the nights. Also bring some cleaning supplies, something to cover the floor, a litter box and other needed supplies. Have some food that your rabbit likes including veggies, pellets, hay and treats. Something to syringe feed if needed is also a good idea, ground up pellets will work. A small portable fan is also good if you need to turn off the car or something, battery powered would be best. In the car, get a small hard sided cat carrier. It should be big enough for the rabbit, but not too big. If it is too big, the rabbit can slide around and will not feel safe. Have food (hay and pellets) in the carrier but stop to offer water every few hours. When you stop, stop for at least 15 minutes to give him a break from the movement of the car. If where you are is safe, use the x-pen to give him some excercise, a harness and leash can also be used, but you need to train him to be comfortable with it.

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