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sacia O asked How do i remove battery from my car- BMW 1995 740i...?

I know battery is in trunk, what tools do I need, and how do i do it? First time ever...

And got the following answer:

Tools: 6mm socket or hex driver; safety glasses, small adjustable wrench for the battery clamp. The battery is on the right [passenger side] in a well under a panel. The panel is the inner trunk liner and has a couple or 3 plastic nuts. I think the nuts have 2 positions as opposed to being threaded. Once the panel is out you will see the battery in the well. Take a photo with your phone or a digital camera for reference. If it is an original equipment replacement then there will be a hold down bracket at one end. I think a 6mm socket or hex nut driver [handle like a screw driver but has a 6mm socket in place of the blade]. The heel of the other end slips under a notch and that holds it in place. WEAR safety glasses. Remove one cable by loosening it with a socket, hex nut driver or small wrench being careful not to make contact with metal on the car. Put an old rag or sock around it and remove the other.There also may be a thin wire attached to the positive cable side. There should be a vent tube on the cell cover of an OE style battery. Slip/pull that off. Now for the hard part. The battery weighs about 40 lbs and you will be bent over so .... don't hurt your back. OE style batteries have a handle that folds up. Carefully lift the old battery out. Don't bang into the fuses and relays on the inner trunk fender above the battery. Clean out any debris in the battery well, be sure the vent tube is pushed through the hole in the bottom of the battery well and vents under the car. Re-install in reverse order. You have just saved yourself $175. I would not trust Sears, etc. to do it. When shopping for a new battery don't waste your time at Walmart and similar. One of the joys of BMW ownership is how expensive everything is. I found that NAPA auto has an OE battery that fits the hold down perfectly and is vented. Be prepared; a quality battery will run $200 . Vented is VERY important as gas given off by a battery is toxic. It is not an option, it is mandatory even if the one you pull out didn't have it. BMW's require a strong battery due to electrical drain so get a replacement with the proper amp hour rating that will remain strong in cold weather. The owner's manual will have the amp/hour specs. When handling the new battery don't set it down on a concrete floor for more than a few minutes as it will drain the battery.

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