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My LED Light Bulbs asked What are the best and cheapest led light bulbs for standard light fixtures?

Considering LED light bulbs to replace 60 Watt Incandescent bulbs. I like the efficient technology, but get sticker shock when I see the prices in at Home Depot and Lowes. The pay back will take a long time and usually the manufacturers product life expectancy is only theoretical.

And got the following answer:

fwiw I investigated the same possibility of switching last year. I compared the cost factors vs savings from Home Depot, Lowes, one specialty lighting, and a few online stores. The sticker shock of LED is a huge negative IMO, so instead I opted for a full house replacement using the screw in fluorescent bulbs because they have equivalent illumination of a 60 watt fluorescent for 11 watts or under consumption. I found one manufacturer only used 8 watts. I switched every lamp, the cost was not that bad and I recovered my investment in 3 months, plus my electric consumption is down about 15% year on year. The only negative is I believe the illumination comparison is off a little, where I had multiple 60 watt bulbs before it is a little darker, but most people would not notice Hope this helps!

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