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I have a 2001 fleet wood mallard travel trailer, We just purchased and trouble shooting the AC unit. Its a Coleman mack. OK so after checking inverter..and voltages..fuses..breakers ext.everything seems fine, on the t-stat there is fan works perfectly fine, but when switched to cool, or heat NOTHING just shuts off, not throwing a fuse or breaker?? We are starting to think maybe not enough power because we are using the adapter on end of 30 amp plug to run at home. Is this possible?? we are newbies sorry, any help/suggestions would be appreciated

And got the following answer:

I wish I could give you an answer but this is out of my league. But I can tell you how to get a choice of answers, just go to you tube and type in your question and it will show you a list of sites to check out and it will show you a video. Also the very first thing that I would try on it would be to hook up some a/c gauges on it to check the freon,because if it is low on freon then the compressor will not kick on, just thought about that. good luck and let me know if this helped ya out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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