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qckirk asked I need a AC/DC power adapter for a Coleman Powermate Cordless Drill?

This would be model # pmd8130. I bought it a few years ago and fried the adapter shortly thereafter. Figuring I would just run out and get a new one later, I find I cannot connect with to find what I need. The drill came with an 18V battery. I have been looking online but have been unsuccessful. Any input would be greatly appriciated.

And got the following answer:

you could probably hack another 18V battery to run it. or just look for a typical AC/DC transformer/ AC adpater that will do 18V, then find the plug that will fit the drill at radio shack (if there is a plug), then strip the wires and hook it up. The only thing to worry about is amperage draw and educated guess says that will only make the drill under perform not break

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