color changing led christmas lights

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Michelle R asked what are some good idea for using these flowers as centerpieces and bouquets?

i am making my own centerpieces and bouquets using calla lilies and roses. my colors are baby yellow and baby blue. please send me some pics of these things to help me out jms- what is that.... i asked for flowers...

And got the following answer:|%3Dup6RKKt:xxr%3D0-qpDofRt7Pf7mrPfrj7t%3DzrRfDUX:eQaQxg%3Dr%3F87KR6xqpxQPPQx00Gxlnlxv8uOc5xQQQGlaPelaJnlqpfVtB%3F*KUp7BHSHqqy7XH6gX0QPne|Rup6eeJ|/of=50,457,442 Obviously you'd have to change some of the colors so that they match the ones you've picked. I couldn't really find any rose & calla lily centerpieces but you can always do what was done with the bouquets for a table.

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