commercial led lights

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deadatomic asked can someone tell me what is spelt wrong or incorrectly pronounced with this statement?

Lumilow is an LED Optoelectronics Lighting Design company located in the United Kingdom, Lumilow specialises in researching, developing and producing LED lighting products as well as providing professional lighting engineering solutions and integrated services with a strong technological foundation. Lumilow organises the illuminating Engineering Team concentrated with senior technology engineers and marketing elitists to lead the future of the green world illumination, not only challenge technological barriers in LED mainstream lighting, effectively solved the critical problems of led luminance, luminous efficacy, heat dissipation and brightness decay but also continuously leads in advanced production and verification equipments, automatic life-test production lines to promote technological innovation and improve manufacturing process with up-to-date techniques and make sure the quality and reliability of our LED products is up to a professional standard. All Lumilow's products are designed to cover the LED dimmable spot light, bulb, tube, downlights, flood light etc, and all kinds of commercial LED lighting's which have passed UL, KEMA, CE, ROSH, PSE, FCC certifications. Lumilow honours the contract and agreement to keep our promise in business with high quality and price reliable products and humanistic services, Lumilow strives to advance the world of LED lighting, our goal is to provide the best LED lighting option and to build upon the Lumilow brand while devoting ourselves to the global energy of saving and environmental protection.

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equipment is always singular, same with information and entertainment If you target American readers, spell honours as honor. "Honour" is a British spelling.

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