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amiloid asked How much of the money added to the deficit under President Obama was meant to address the Great Recession?

And how much of it was actually caused by his administration alone (as opposed to, say, Congress or the Federal Reserve)? And how does this compare with what President Bush spent before the Great Recession? Thanks for providing numbers and sources if possible.

And got the following answer:

Obama has been a great president. We are better off than we were in the 2008 recession. Go on the freeway and see all the 18 wheelers taking supplies to businesses. Go to walmart and see all the customers and all the products that have been produced recently. Go downtown and see all the people working and selling and buying things. Look at the jobs report and see that 93% of Americans have jobs. Obama has helped our economy and our nation in spite of the Republicans who tried to ruin our economy and then said, "We are here to save you from the mess we made" The Republican Record of how they tried to ruin America. 1.Tax companies that ship jobs overseas – BLOCKED (Source) 2.The Dream Act – BLOCKED (Source) 3.Political Ad disclosure Bill – BLOCKED 2x (Source) 4.Small Business Jobs Act – BLOCKED 2x (Source) 5.Anti- Rape Amendment – BLOCKED (Source) 6.Benefits for Homeless Veterans – BLOCKED (Source) 7.Affordable Healthcare for America – Voted 33x to Repeal (Source) 8.Healthcare for the 9/11 First Responders – BLOCKED (Source) 9.The Jobs Bill – BLOCKED (Source) 10.Wall Street Reform – BLOCKED (Source) 11.Oil Spill Liability – BLOCKED (Source) 12.Immigration Reform – BLOCKED (Source) 13.Fair Pay Act of 2009 – BLOCKED and DEFEATED (Source) 14.Unemployment Extension Bill – BLOCKED (Source) In 2012 they want you to think that Obama is to BLAME! The only way Obama could protect the American people against the Republican terrorist in congress was to sign over 900 executive orders = to protect us against the Repuglican congress = They tried to ruin America from day one in order to later say “We are here to rescue you.” Here is the proof of what Obama has done for America: Ended torture of detainees Health insurance reform Subsidized 60% of Cobra insurance Recovered unused SSI benefits Medicare fraud recovery $5 billion Home foreclosure loan modification help Expanded Alaska oil drilling Saved a million auto and related jobs from going overseas Hired first responders and teachers funding for community medical clinics credit card disclosure reforms Ended gay discrmination in the armed forces Improved veterans medical benefits Veterans employment program Improved school nutrition Improved lower school grades in "Race to the Top" Saved the largest banks and financial institutions tax credits for small business hires income tax credits 2009 tax rebates Social Security payroll tax cut seniors $300 rebate nuclear treaty with Russia stronger military presence in the Pacific Iron Dome missile defense system for Israel Launching cyber attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities Captured Osama bin Laden and 5 others Deposed the Libyan terrorist Quadaffi anti-terrorism campaigns in Afghanistan Deportation of 400,000 illegal criminals Reforming student loans Extension of unemployment benefits Campaign against childhood obesity Consumer financial protection agency Temporary work permits for undocumented youth Refunds on insurance premiums Saved 1 million auto industry and related jobs

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