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Synthetics asked Can we control the temperature of water with our body?

Can we control the temperature of water without our body? I am asking this question because i have a fish tank, sometimes the water gets warm. When i dip my hands in it, it feels good and warm.. Then a few seconds or minutes, It gets cold. Why?

And got the following answer:

Put a thermometer in the water, measure the situations, and then come back here. But let me tell you about this experiment. You have tap water in front of you at room temperature. Your left hand is in ice water, your right hand is in hot water. You place both hands in the tap water at room temperature. The hand that was in the ice says the tap water is hot, the hand that was in hot water tells the brain the the tap water is cold. Unless you measure the temperature of the water, you have no good basis for your question.

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