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c asked Can I make my cordless drill batteries jump start my car?

I have two 24 volt lithium ion drill batteries. I understand that car batteries are rated in cranking amps design to let out short burst of power in a short amount of time. But if I want my drill batteries to be a portable jump starter how would I go about doing this? I know I would need a 24 volt to 12 volt converter to basically make 2 24 volt batteries into 4 12 volt batteries. What about a large capacitor to charge up all the power at once and let it out in a burst? Or is it much more complicated than that? Thanks for the answers thus far but I'm not really getting what I'm looking for. I realize you can buy a jump starter anywhere for cheaper. I also realize drill batteries are designed like car batteries to put out the quick amps. But I'm still wondering what would it take to make a drill battery put out the quick amps like a car battery does? The watts are there, so there has to be a way to do it one way or another. Is it a complete change in the internal chemistry of the battery? Or are we talking about something a little more simple like changing the internal wiring to larger gauge of wire in contact with more cells to allow more amps to go through the wiring and feed a capacitor?

And got the following answer:

That would be like a jumper in car jumper that connects to the cigarette socket only the power from the car also charges the jumper so that is no good for your drill batteries. Get 4 to 8 6 amp diodes and connect them in series until the 24 volts is more like 12 or so depending on how good the drill batteries are. -!

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